Each product group contains a mix of EasyFix and Universal products.

EasyFix is a brand category created for our group of products that are designed around and are tested to meet specific performance standards.  Termed “EasyFix” because our customers love their “Plug n’ Play” nature, meaning our customers can fix the surgical device much faster with less optical system manipulation --- something they can’t do with our Universal products.

 Universal is a brand category created for “all other” products (some we’ve been buying, making and selling for years) that were not designed around specific protocols and performance standards.  Sometimes a customer needs a great deal of time to “make the lens work” in the surgical device (because the lens “interacts” with other lenses and may not be exactly what the optical system needs).  Our customers like the Universal line for different reasons, the most important being, they can use the product in multiple models of surgical devices (thus their on hand inventory $$ is reduced) and are usually cheaper to buy.

Relay systems such as Rod Lenses, Meniscus Lenses and Achromatic Lenses
Objectives systems such as Plano – Convex Lenses and Compound Lenses
Negative Lenses including Solder Sapphire Negatives
Prisms such as Deviating, Right–Angle and Inverter
Proximal and Distal Windows
Solder Sapphire Windows – now with gold metallization!
Field Lenses
Mechanical parts such as Ocular Assemblies, Spacers, Light Cones, ID Rings and Masks
Glues and Epoxies such as Loctite ™ and Araldite ™
Inner Tubes and Pre-fibered Tubes for many brands