American Optics provides innovative solutions to any Endoscopy need. Our strong link to research and development has provided us with the necessary skills to understand even the most complex requirements.

Can’t find a product we already offer?  Do you have specific designs that you want to keep proprietary? Why not tap into our existing competencies and enjoy the benefit of working with a world-class company such as American Optics!  We use main glass suppliers such as Schott and Ohara.


From Design to End-User here are some previous projects that are now a success:

  • Achromatic Lenses including Achromatic Negative Lenses
  • Meniscus Lenses
  • Windows with specific parallelism requirements
  • Apertures and Masks made out of glass and /or alloy
  • Rod Lenses with built-in Radius or Plano style rods
  • Complex compound objectives containing up to 15 different parts!
  • Precision cementing
  • Precision assembly of optomechanical systems
  • Precision grinding with diamond wheels
  • All types of anti-reflective coating including special wavelengths such as NIR (Near Infrared)


Round Optics

Plane Optics

Fundamental Technical Capabilities

  • Lens diameter from Ø 0.30mm - Ø 30.00mm
  • Radii from 0.5 to ∞
  • Centering accuracy 10'
  • Mean thickness tolerance ± 5μm
  • Diameter tolerance ± 5μm

Fundamental Technical Capabilities

  • Angle accuracy – 1'
  • Parallelity – 1'
  • Planity – /20PV
  • Dimensions Ø 0.8 – Ø 30.00mm
  • Diameter tolerance ± 5μm